Leanne Ridings

"We're extremely happy with the mortgage deal that David helped us get"

Hi, my name is Leanne Ridings, I’ve been a client with KBA for around six months.

Our need for a financial adviser was to purchase our first property. David from KBA was recommended to us a highly from other family members that have used KBA in the past.

David was brilliant, he practically helped us from start to finish. He did the whole process with us and made it a lot easier than what we had found in the past from any other service.

We’re extremely happy with the mortgage deal that David got us. Even when our renewal is due up, we have told David to be in contact with us because we’d like him to do that for us too.

David made it really personal, he really put the effort in to find the right deal for us. Not just from a business point of view, but from our personal family point of view, our lifestyle and what was going to work really well for us.

Without David’s help, I think we’d have found our mortgage situation a lot harder. It was a personal purchase from another family member, which is not always the same case as working with estate agents and other businesses. He just made it really simple from start to end.

David is a brilliant man, he made it very personal. There wasn’t any rushing, there was no problem that was too big or too small. Anything that I needed, he was there. His response was very, very quick too.

I would absolutely recommend KBA and David especially to anyone that is seeking a financial adviser.