Nirvana Joy

"I feel that whatever financial information I need, I could turn to Sarah for anything"

My name is Nirvana Joy, I’m a client of Sarah’s, and I’ve been a client for about three years now.

I first came to see Sarah because my pension portfolio had been transferred over from my financial adviser. I was asked if I would go to the office to discuss my pension portfolio initially.

After the first meeting that we had, she was very thorough – she found out a lot about my personal circumstances, and also did a full financial history. During this conversation, something came to light which I hadn’t pursued, which was the fact that I actually had critical illness cover, and I had just been diagnosed with a form of cancer. I wasn’t sure if my type of cancer (because it wasn’t a tumour) would be covered by my insurance, so I wasn’t claiming. But Sarah was very kind and said “no, you must put a claim in, the worst that can happen is that it gets rejected”. So, initially I went to see her for financial consultation, primarily about my pension scheme. But it ended up being multifaceted.

I was a bit reluctant because I convinced myself that I wasn’t covered, because it’s quite a rare form of cancer that I’ve got, and it’s like a genetic mutation. But I was actually pestered – by Karen, especially! –  “Have you put your claim in yet? Have you put your form in yet? You have done it, haven’t you?” To be perfectly honest, I was so convinced that it wasn’t going to be passed that I was quite reluctant to put it in.

Eventually, I went to my consultant haematologist and asked him if he would forward the form. So he did, and from that, I actually got a successful outcome. They passed my claim! I was quite elated, actually, because I wouldn’t have even bothered applying if it weren’t for Sarah’s commitment to making sure that what I had was fit for purpose, and that I should actually have made the claim.

She covered every aspect of my finances, my personal life, my personal situation. Not only did she give me advice on the pension status, but she also gave me personal advice. I felt totally at ease from the minute I stepped into the office. Everybody did their utmost to make me feel welcome. There was never any agenda, I never felt pushed or cajoled into doing something that I didn’t want to do. I was given appropriate advice. I was given a broad spectrum of advice regarding my pension and moving my pension and time to consider.

Always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. Sarah since has rang me on a more personal level. She did my financial review, but whenever she rings, she just doesn’t go straight into “Well, I’m ringing you to speak about your financial review for this year”. She always finds out what’s going on. “How are you? How’s your personal situation, family situation?” She does cover everything and in such a friendly, approachable, manner. I feel that whatever sort of financial information and need, I could turn to her for anything, really.

From the minute I walked into the office, I felt totally at ease with her and we just had such a wonderful conversation, an all-encompassing conversation, and I felt that she really wanted to get to know me as a person, not just as a client. It was genuine, and it was absolutely so heartfelt. When she rings me, it’s her first concern is for me, she always asked about me and my work my health and my family. It’s really, really lovely because I feel like now we’re more on a friendship level than on just a client level. It’s a joy to hear from her, it’s not a chore.

It was actually Christmas Eve and I was on my way out of the door and the phone rang. I nearly ignored it. I picked the phone up and it said “Mrs Joy it’s about your claim”. I was thinking, ‘Oh, no, here we go, what now what? What might the need?’ She started talking, then she said something about “It’s been approved”. I said, and it took me a while to register. I said “Excuse me, sorry, what did you say?” “Your claim has been approved, and we will be getting a cheque out to you within 14 days”, and I was absolutely so stunned. I was gobsmacked.

I still hung on to it, most of it, because I didn’t want to make a rash decision. At first, I was going to buy another house, as a buy-to-let or something like that. But I think I’ve just wanted to bide my time a bit with it. Even though it’s been over a year, I still think that I know I’ve got it behind me. I know I can also help my children. I think I’m looking at more of a global picture rather than just an individual picture. I know it’s there to call on whenever I need it. So, in view of the pandemic now, I think it’s made me realise that the things that I want to do, and things that I held off doing, I can now do. Travel maybe, even a little holiday home would be nice!

Sarah values people, I think she has got the magic formula. I think everybody knows her worth, she always praises her members of staff to me. You feel valued as a client, I wouldn’t even say a ‘customer’, it’s a client basis. Again, I think she’s so genuine, she’s really concerned and it’s not just all about business and money.

The best thing about working with KBA is that there’s no fear about anything. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, full of integrity. Approachable, always. They always keep in contact. Fantastic newsletters that are full of all sorts of information. Karen has been great, everybody at the office is fantastic. I just couldn’t wish for a better financial consultant really.

KBA, I would recommend to anybody and everybody without hesitation. Outstanding service. Absolutely fantastic company.